Staff List

Carolyn Watson
Carolyn Watson, L.Ac, M.S., has been teaching Pilates and therapeutic movement since 1999 and practicing acupuncture since the fall of 2013. She holds a Pilates Studio teaching certificate from Polestar Pilates Education and is also a faculty member of Balanced Body Education, an international Pilates education and teacher training program. She has a Master of Science degree in Human Movement & Performance from Western Washington University, and specializes in functional movement training of gait patterns and sport-specific skills.  Carolyn competed in track and field at Utah State University, and is an accompished long-distance runner, and has a special passion for keeping runners healthy and biomechanical sound.  Most recently, Carolyn completed a second graduate degree in East Asian Medical Studies at Middle Way Acupuncture Institute, and is now practicing acupuncture in her clinic, BioMechanix, located in the same building as Core Kinetics.
PJ Perry
PJ is a Polestar-certified Pilates practitioner (studio and mat certifications). She has been teaching Pilates for over 15 years, and is a co-Founder of Core Kinetics Pilates. She has her Master of Science degree in Human Movement and Performance from Western Washington University, experience teaching anatomy and kinesiology in laboratories and in workshops, and is a faculty member of Balanced Body University.  PJ practices what she preaches as a performing aerialist, working all over the Northwest and internationally.
Lauryn Marino
Lauryn Marino has taught Pilates since 2010. She graduated from Western Washington University that June with an interdisciplinary degree she designed through the Fairhaven College. Her studies, originally inspired by art therapy, eventually evolved into exploring the relationship between creativity and health. Lauryn graduated from Port Townsend School of Massage in 2012 and opened her office in Core Kinetics in January 2013. In her spare time, she enjoys paddle boarding, playing piano and ukulele, biking, photography, and cooking.
She also returned from a big trip in March 2017! With her partner, she drove across the northern USA in a 1978 VW bus (named Greg), spent two weeks in Senegal, three weeks on a farm in Spain, and about five weeks in Italy, two of which were on a farm in Sicily. Upon returning to the States, they drove their bus back home through the southern States.
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Shannon Tallman
Shannon came to Bellingham to persue a BFA in dance and performance art from Western Washington University. It was here that her lifelong passion for movement and dance led her to Pilates. In 2009 she took her first Pilates training and was hooked! Upon graduating in 2011 she began teaching at Core Kinetics Pilates where she completed the Balanced Body Training Program. Shannon currently teaches Pilates at The Bellingham Athletic Club and Whatcom Community College. She also enjoys teaching both Pilates and dance at Western Washington University. She currently manages Core Kinetics Pilates in Mount Vernon and is so happy to be sharing her love for movement with the Core Kinetics community!
Susan Haines
Susan has over 15 years experience teaching movement and dance. She fell in love with Pilates as a supplement to her professional dance training,and has studied with master teachers in New York, California, Chicago and Asheville, NC. She has an MFA in Dance from UNC-Greensboro, where she worked with Dr. Jill Green and B.J. Sullivan; leaders in the field of Somatics and Bartenieff Fundamentals. Susan teaches Dance at WWU and presents nationally on dance kinesiology and injury prevention. She has certifications from BBU Pilates as a Comprehensive Instructor, Rock Tape fascial movement taping, and NeuroKinetic Therapy level 1. She loves working with clients from all walks of life to build efficient movement patterns, balance and strength. 
Hannah Andersen
Hannah Andersen, MFA, is a dance artist, educator, and Pilates instructor. Her research, teaching, and choreography are recognized by the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science, National Dance Education Organization, Dance Science and Somatics Educators Group, and American College Dance Association. In addition to being a Season 8 Bellingham Repertory Dance alum, she has performed with It Must Have Been Violet Dance Productions, University of Oregon Repertory Dance Company, Michelle Boulé (NY), the Seattle Opera, Susan Haines, Wade Madsen, and Kraig “Bopi” Patterson. After receiving her BFA in Dance at WWU, she served on faculty at Whatcom Community College and Western Washington University from 2010-2014 before attending graduate school as a Teaching Fellow in the University of Oregon Department of Dance from 2014-2017. Recently, she has served as guest artist at Gonzaga University, Allegheny College, and the North Star Ballet, AK, fully grant funded by Alaska State Council for the Arts and the NEA. Upon receiving her MFA, Hannah was awarded the 2017 Outstanding Graduate Student Award in the Department of Dance at University of Oregon. She also received the 2015-2016 UO Georgianne Teller-Singer Dean’s Fellowship for an Outstanding Dance Graduate Student with additional support from the UO Dance Research Fund, and the 2015 National Dance Education Organization’s Graduate Student Award. She is returning to Whatcom to teach this fall, and thrilled to rejoin Core Kinetics!
Rachel Medley
Rachel has always loved movement. She was a competitive swimmer for 8 years, ran cross country in high school, and currently enjoys various outdoor activities including caving, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, adventure cycling and swimming. Having worked a variety of physically demanding jobs, Rachel has spent a considerable amount of time learning how to move, work, and play in a way that aids the body in health rather than wears it down. Her formal study of the human body began at Eastern Mennonite University where she graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. Rachel completed a massage therapy program at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR in 2010 and started practicing as a massage therapist in 2011. Her passion is in helping people find pain-free ease of movement in daily life and in doing the activities they love. In 2016, Rachel started taking Balanced Body Pilates teacher training at Core Kinetics. She loves combining Pilates with manual therapy to help people gain stability, strength, and efficiency in whatever they do.

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Charleen Hess
Charleen Hess is a personal trainer who offers a variety of classes and private training services in the Core Kinetics building. Charleen is a movement enthusiast who really just loves to play.

As a certified personal trainer and CST Coach she uses and applies the methodology of the CST Circular Strength Training 3- Ring System which integrates joint mobility, multiplanar progressive resistance and compensatory movement.
The TRi-Ring Integration allows you to balance work and recovery so that you maximize the effectiveness of your exercise while accelerating recovery so that you prevent injuries, pain and soreness. Charleen is a natural teacher and a fun coach. Her instruction is descriptive and easy to understand. She works with all ages and fitness levels from beginner to advanced. She meets you where you are at and brings you up to your fullest potential.

“My passion is to get people moving freely and painlessly. I want to help people experience a deeper connection with their own body by building Strength, Stamina, Balance and Flexibility. The stronger and more agile you are the more you can play without physical limitations. Whether it is dancing, hiking, bicycling, climbing, playing a sport, or crawling and playing with your children or grandchildren, our bodies are designed to move and play”.
Charleens transition from aesthetics based bodybuilding and 'boot camp' aerobics to functional movement and tactical fitness has proved to be an educational and adventurous 20+ year journey. She has gained much knowledge and experience in the many different forms and methodology of training and has created a unique approach all her own.

Charleen loves to train with everything from, Kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, parralettets, sand bags, balls, ropes, gymnastics rings, hula hoops, and Especially
Clubbells. However equipment is not required to play, her favorite type of body weight movement is Primal Move, Intu Flow, Flowfit, improv
dancing, calisthenics/gymnastics, acrobats and yoga.

"For me It’s all about expressing yourself through movement in
your body and finding flow!"

She is available for private training and group fitness. Look at the Class Schedule to see what current class she is offering.

Charleen is an ACE certified personal trainer as well as CST coach. She currently holds instructors certifications in Primal Move, Ground Force Method, Clubbell Athletics
Clubbell Yoga, FlowFit and TACFIT. She has also received training in SFG Kettlebell courses and the Ido Portal Corset Workshop. For more information contact her at

Charlotte Stickles
Charlotte Stickles is a dance and movement artist newly based out of Bellingham! She graduated from The Ohio State University Department of Dance in the spring of 2017 with a BFA in Dance and distinction in artistic research. Charlotte has been fortunate enough to work and learn from numerous international dance artists such as Bebe Miller, Liz Lerman, Norah Zuniga-Shaw, Eddie Taketa, Nancy Stark-Smith, Susan Hadley, and Ann Sofie-Clemmensen. During her time at OSU, she performed internationally and received academic funding to conduct artistic research in Salvador, Brazil. While in school, she also developed an interest in somatic work, taking classes in improvisation, Pilates, Alexander technique, and Bartenieff fundamentals. Upon graduating, Charlotte spent time in St. Petersburg, FL, where she began working toward her comprehensive Balanced Body Pilates certification. Charlotte’s love of movement and improvisation guide her teaching, and she strives to create a playful, curious, and supportive environment for her students to work in.